Monday, September 24, 2012

Responsibility Value Presentation

As part of our citizenship curriculum, our school focuses on a different value each month. Everyone in our class signs up for a time to be the "Ambassador for the Month".  This ambassador must become an expert for the value of the month and share what he/she has learned with our class and school. The ambassador also gets to attend a special "lunch bunch" with our School Head!

During the month of September, we learn about Responsibility. The class ambassador, Ali, was responsible for teaching the rest of us how to exemplify this value. His task was to interview family members, students, and others in the community to learn what responsibility means to them. Next, he made a multi-media presentation using Glogster, an online poster, to share what he has learned with our classmates.

Here is the first Glogster of the year! Thanks, Ali, for doing an awesome job!

 Have you done a presentation like this before? 

What does responsibility mean to you?

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  1. Dear Ali,
    What a great glog! I agree that being responsible is not always an easy thing. Having a heart full of love certainly makes it easier to be responsible... love of our world, family, friends, pets all add up to helping us be responsible people.

    Mrs Wolfenden
    Bletchley Park Primary School
    Western Australia