Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mystery Skype Map

Fifth Grade White is connecting with other classes to Mystery Skype!

To Mystery Skype, we connect via Skype with another classroom in an unknown location. The object is to figure out where in the world the mystery class is located.  We play a game similar to that of 20 Questions, where each class gets to ask "yes" or "no" questions to gather clues and information to help determine where the other class is located. The students in our class must work together to figure out where the mystery class is before they figure out where we are! This helps us work on our mapping, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration skills. We also learn interesting facts about other cities, states, and countries and make positive connections with diverse students!

Here is a map to track the location of the classes we will Skype with this year. Our first Mystery Skype is scheduled for this Thursday!

View Mystery Skype in a larger map

Our students were amazing! They did such a good job figuring out where the mystery class was! Even though the other class figured out our location first, we felt so proud when we came up with the correct location!

Here are some pictures taken during the Mystery Skype call.

Our Problem Solvers, who did a lot of running around, are conferring about their next plan of action.

The Inquirers were in charge of deciding which question to ask. It was hard to choose because everyone was gathering so much information! You can see the other classroom on the Eno board!

Here the rest of the class is trying to narrow down the possibilites of the mystery class' location.

Here are some clips of our Mystery Skype call
with Mrs. Grayson's class!

Here the Inquirers are trying to consult with their teammates to ask the best possible question. I was pretty impressed by how well they worked together!

In this video, the Inquirers are consulting with the Problem Solvers, Clue Keepers, and Google Mappers to answer the other classes question.

Good job, everyone! 
And a special THANK YOU to Mrs. Grayson's class for being our first Mystery Skype call ever. 
We hope to do this again sometime!

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  1. We would love to post a Mystery Skype map like yours - What a great idea! Mrs. Diaz, your students were so organized and respectful. What a great class! We're looking forward to learning together with you this year.